Xbox Game Pass: Skatebird, Subnautica and 11 more games to be added soon

Microsoft announced this Tuesday (14), you 13 games that enter the Xbox Game Pass catalog in the second half of September.


Subnautics: Below Zero, I am Fish, Superliminal and

Sable are the main highlights of the month in the service for players for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S.

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It is also worth noting that, among the additions, eight games are new releases. In addition to the games, DLCs and updates for

Gears 5,

Dead By Daylight and Fallout 100 arrive at the service by subscription. See all that’s new:

    I Am Fish – 15 September (Console and PC)

    In a charming adventure à la Looking for Nemo, the player will experience the adventure of four fish. Living in a petshop aquarium, all aquatic friends want is to escape to the ocean and be free.

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    SkateBird – 16 September (Console and PC)

    As the name suggests, the game is a skateboarding game with birds! Almost like a reimagined version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, the player will use different small birds in scenarios adapted for various flying maneuvers.

    Subnautics: Below Zero – 23 September (Console and PC) Set two years after the original Subnautica the player plunges into an adventure in the freezing Planet 4546B to discover the truth behind a deadly concealment. To survive, it is necessary to build shelters, make tools and explore the mysterious waters a lot.

      All new Game Pass games

      • Flynn: Son of Crimson (Cloud, Console and PC) – 15 of September
      • I Am Fish (Cloud, Console and PC) – 16 of September
      • SkateBird (Cloud, Console and PC) – 16 of September
      • Superliminal (Cloud, Console and PC) – 16 of September
      • Aragami 2 (Cloud, Console and PC) – 17 of September
      • Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Cloud, Console and PC) – 20 September

    Sable (Cloud, Console and PC) – 23 of September

  • Subnautica: Below Zero (Cloud, Console and PC) – 23 of September
  • Tainted Grail: Conquest (PC) – 23 of September
  • Lemnis Gate (Console and PC) – 28 September
  • Astria Ascending (Cloud, Console and PC) – 28 September

Unsighted (Console and PC) – 30 of September

  • Phoenix Point (Console) – October 1st

    Other News

    Game Pass subscribers are also entitled to DLCs, discounts and game updates included in the service. This month, the benefits are:

      Gears 5 Operation 8 Drop 2 – Now Available

    Dead by Daylight: Hellraiser Chapter (10% discount on purchase) – Available now

  • Fallout 100 – Fallout 1st (1 month for free) – Now available

    Which games will exit the Game Pass

    On the day 30 in September, subscribers will no longer have access to Drake Hollow (Console and PC),

    Ikenfell (Console and PC), Night in the Woods (Console and PC),

    Kathy Rain (PC) and

    Warhammer Vermintide II (Console). Remember that those who want to purchase the games and have them forever in the library have 16% discount.

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    Source: Microsoft Wire

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