This time-lapse video of spider weaving is all you need to see today.

TikTok is responsible for bringing many different artists to fame. But… a spider? This is new. It turns out that a time-lapse video of a spider weaving its web gained attention on the social network. help save human hearts

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    • Giant spider “invades” houses and frightens residents of Belo Horizonte neighborhood

    The homemade time-lapse was posted at the end of August by the user @dinaoren0. Within weeks, the content went viral. Part 1 of the shoot has almost millions of views and the full version is past

  • millions. See the videos for yourself:

    @dinaoren0 ♬ It’s The Hard Knock Life – Annie Movie

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    @dinaoren0 ♬ Legends Are Made – Sam Tinnesz

    According to what experts around the world have been pointing out, the spider is of the species Gasteracantha cancriformis

    , known as spiny spider by cause of the sharp thorns scattered throughout its body. These spiders are red and white in color, and are commonly found in the Americas and Australia. They have also been sighted in the Whitsunday Islands, South Africa and Palawan in the Philippines, as well as in Kauai, Hawaii, the Antilles and Koh Chang on the east coast of Thailand. They usually live in areas with lots of shrubs and well-lit forests.

    Source: Nerdist

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