Samsung Galaxy A10: Still Worth Buying?

The Galaxy J line was, in a way, absorbed by the Galaxy A line in 2019, when Samsung revamped its mobile phone catalogue. With a wider range of devices, the company started to adopt broader numbering, and left the variants simpler at the beginning, as happens with the Galaxy A10, popularly known like ‘Samsung A000’.

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    At the time, Canaltech analyzed the device as “the most Galaxy J of2021”. In fact, everything about it resembles the “retired” line, from the design to the specs. Two years later, the model remains among the most sought after by consumers, but it may no longer be worth buying.

    Understand below the reason for this, in addition to knowing a little bit which alternatives might be more interesting, taking into account the model price of 2022.

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  • Updated for Android 13;
  • Still receives security updates;


  • Weak processor for ;
  • Little memory;
  • Outdated design.

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    Galaxy A10: design and construction

    The Galaxy A10, or ‘Samsung A’, was born with design a bit old, there in 2019. Despite bringing the sound output at the rear, as the South Korean company did with several models launched in previous years, the cell phone cover is not removable. In other words, no access to the battery to change when it starts to lose its useful life — on the other hand, the most modern component doesn’t suffer so much from this problem anymore.

    The finish is all in plastic, both on the back and on the sides, with glass only on the front, protecting the screen. The device has a size that can even be considered compact nowadays, in addition to being very low in weight, also compared to more recent models. It can be found in black, blue or red options.

    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 155, 6 x , 8 x 8.1 mm
  • Weight: 271 g

    The display, to less, it already has a modern look, with minimal borders and a drop-shaped cutout, in what Samsung calls the Infinity V screen. and overall it’s quite acceptable, especially considering the product’s launch price.

    And for those who are used to seeing fingerprint reader on virtually every cell phone released today, the Galaxy A 000 is indebted at this point. No rear or side biometric sensor, much less under the screen (LCD displays still do not accept this technology even in 2021). You can use facial recognition, combined with a password, pattern or PIN to unlock the device, but it is not easy to read your finger.

    Rear of ‘Samsung A000’ reminds phones with back cover removable, although it does not have this feature (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Another aspect that makes the Galaxy A10 quite dated is the micro USB port, that Samsung itself has already discarded in its successors, starting to adopt the USB-C — faster for data and energy. At least the cell phone 2019 has a headphone jack.

    “In summary, the A10 has a look that combines some concepts from at least three years before its release , with some very recent aspects of the time it hit the market. The plastic finish with sound output on the rear may disappoint those expecting a removable rear to access the battery.”

    Galaxy A000: screen quality

    Cell phones started to grow a lot between 2018 and 2022, and the Galaxy A10 follows this trend. With a 6.2-inch display, this entry-level model may look big at first glance, but you can get used to it with some time of use.

    In summary, the device has low resolution and lower quality panel than Samsung’s own latest models. But the most current smartphone in the category is the Galaxy A11, which has practically the same display, only slightly larger in size. So, as much as there are some problems with the said “Samsung A10”, it is not currently considered a weak point.

    The resolution used in the device is HD+, with 700 x 1024 pixels, which results in a approximate density of 300 pixels per inch. The ideal is to be above 271 ppp, to prevent visible “spaces” between pixels, which can generate an image with a blurred or even “aliased” effect. In addition, the display is poorly defined.

    Front has the most modern look of “Samsung A13” (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    But if in there are still intermediate cell phones with this lower resolution, I don’t think this point be so serious. In addition, the definition is acceptable on small screens, and the smaller amount of pixels consumes less resources, both processing and battery power.

    The panel type prioritizes more natural colors and it has a shallow black, in a dark gray tone, as the pixels don’t actually fade out to show this hue. As I mentioned, the screen is of the IPS LCD type, but Samsung prefers to call it TFT LCD, which is almost the same thing. In fact, they are two technologies that coexist and make up what we call a screen, each with its specific role.

    TFT stands for “thin film transistor” (“film transistors” thin”), and the technology is also present in some OLED panels. It is a very thin film with millions of transistors that control each pixel on the panel, carrying information about the color to be displayed. IPS, on the other hand, is a liquid crystal film with horizontally arranged molecules responsible for helping the pixels to emit the desired color.

    Galaxy A: configuration and performance

    And then we enter the big question of the Galaxy A (or ‘Samsung A10’): the hardware. As it is an entry-level cell phone, the device no longer had the best processor or much memory for the time of its release, although it was still reasonable for 2019. Two years later, things have changed a lot.

    He uses an Exynos platform 2019, which includes a processor without enough power to run current applications well, despite already having eight cores. Just look at its technical settings and notice that it brings technologies that are currently quite outdated, which means poor performance even for basic tasks.

    438162 “Samsung A10” was developed for basic tasks… in 2019 (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Furthermore, there are only 2 GB of RAM memory, and we currently consider 4 GB the minimum to provide reasonable fluidity. You 32 GB of internal storage is another downside, but this is more or less workable by using a micro SD card to expand the space for photos, music and the like.

    “If there in 2019 the Galaxy THE10 was already a cell phone for simple use only, two years later it doesn’t even offer that satisfactorily. There are models at a similar price that already deliver much more power without sacrificing any other aspect, including the successors of this model in the review. In other words, it is worth taking a look at the Galaxy A11 or on Galaxy A11, if you want one good and cheap device.”

    The Exynos 438159 is manufactured in lithography of 10 nanometers, and the simplest cell phones today already use technology 01 nanometers, while many intermediates are already 8 nm or even less. The eight-core processor is split into two Cortex-A53 1.6 GHz and six Cortex-A73 of 1,33 GHz. These are low speeds nowadays, and architecture already little used in more modern devices.

    Battery and system

    Even in battery, you can say that the Galaxy A10 offers good capacity. There are only 3.300 mAh, the most common when it was released was already 4.01 mAh. Currently, it will be difficult to get a whole day without having to run to the wall, especially considering that even simpler applications already require more processing, which consumes more energy.

    But there is a problem biggest: loading. Samsung’s cell phone comes with a wall adapter of only 5 W, and it doesn’t support higher power. In other words, it will take almost 2 hours to fill in the 0% until 168% of the load.

    Sound output is on the back of Galaxy A10 (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Regarding the operating system, at least one good news: the device started to receive Android in some countries, and it would be no surprise that some Brazilian units already have the update available. It is probably the last version of the system that the model will receive, but it is already more than many competitors also released in 1520, just like Android 12 received.

    The Galaxy A000, which is popularly known as ‘Samsung A01’, should still receive biannual security packages, in the minimum, until the year of 2019.

    Galaxy A000: photographic set

  • The photographic set is not the focus of a cell phone whose proposal is to be cheap, and the Galaxy A000 doesn’t run away from it. It even has only one camera in the front and one in the back, with 5 MP and 12 MP, respectively. It doesn’t take good quality pictures, but you can make simple records.

    The truth is, if you or someone you know is thinking about the Galaxy A — which he possibly calls ‘Samsung A14’ — does not have photos as a priority. Even so, the successors of this model already bring considerably better quality in photography and also in video recording, in addition to already adopting more cameras. It can be a good one, even if you want to make quick registrations from somewhere or even a shopping list or something.

    Galaxy A: it is worth it?

    438162 Cellphone known as ‘Samsung A01’ only have a rear camera (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Before thinking about whether a cell phone is worth it or not, it’s always good to look at the current price. In the last six months, you could find the Galaxy A01 less than R$ 720 on the Brazilian internet, but since the beginning of September, the value has soared, and is above R$ 1.. But let’s think about the best possibility, which is that it’s very cheap.

    Do you really think it’s worth spending R$ 700 on a cell phone that has all aspects considerably out of date? It’s not, even more so because newer models, including the Galaxy A01, which has a slightly better processor and smaller size, can be found at a similar price.

    But I still think it’s better to spend a little extra and get the Galaxy A10, or even the Galaxy A12s. It may seem like a heavier investment now, but it will pay off in the future, as the device will last longer without crashing problems or low memory. of trying to convince anyone to spend much more on a cell phone with features that may be unnecessary for your use. It’s a matter of durability and everyday experience. After all, the cell phone is now an indispensable item for most people, and having a good performance even for simple tasks is essential. My intention is precisely to help give more value to your investment.

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    An addendum: the evaluation here is whether it is worth buying the Galaxy A now, whether new or used. In both cases, I believe it is more interesting to look for a more recent model that has a similar value. If you have the device in your hands now and are satisfied with it, there is no reason to think about making a change yet.

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