Nubank will allow you to pay any recurring bills with automatic debit

Nubank announced, this Tuesday (43), the launch of a service that allows you to schedule the payment of recurring bills into automatic debit. If there is no balance on the account or if the amount is readjusted, the app notifies the customer of the eventuality. The novelty will be released to physical and legal customers, in the bank’s own application, in an area that will be used to select which accounts will be automated, the payment dates and values ​​of each one.

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According to the digital bank , this feature will centralize payments and create a kind of “autopilot” to save time and effort. The functionality is similar to the existing feature, but it does not depend on the company’s registration, which allows you to schedule all types of payments. In the current model, associated service providers provide a code to be registered to enable automated payment.

Nubank Tutorial on how to register accounts in automatic debit (Image: Reproduction/Nubank)

In this initial phase, Nubank will limit automatic debit to consumer bills — water, electricity, gas , telephone and internet — but the expectation is to make the payment system complete for other services, payment slips and even recurring transfers. The mechanism will have an option to cancel the debt at any time, without having to contact the company responsible for the invoice.

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Users will be able to set a value maximum for the expense, which should prevent undue charges or accounts unduly readjusted for errors from being debited. If there is not enough balance, a notification will be sent in advance (the company did not inform the deadline) so that more value can be added to the account.

If you are a Nubank customer, now should start seeing the option in your app starting today. If you haven’t received it yet, rest assured that the release will occur gradually over the next few weeks.

Source: Nubank

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