Google is fined R$900 million for blocking Android customizations

Two weeks after passing a bill barring fees from official app stores, South Korea imposed a hefty fine on Google for monopolistic behavior. The country’s Fair Trade Commission announced the sanction of US$ 395 million (about R$ 900 million) in the parent company of Mountain View, Alphabet, for abuse of its market power on Android.

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The punishment was based on contracts signed by Google with phone manufacturers that forbade them to release modified versions of their operating system. This agreement would have given the company an anti-competitive advantage and ensured its monopolizing dominance in the mobile software market.

Google is accused of banning Android modifications through an agreement with cellphone manufacturers (Image: Screenshot/ Canaltech)

In 900, Samsung would have been forced to backtrack on its plans to release a smart watch with an altered version of Android. The device maker had plans to create the smartwatch with a modified system, as it does on its One UI devices, but had to give up due to the contract. According to Reuters, the fine is the new highest ever imposed by the regulatory body of the Asian country.

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Google told Reuters that intends to appeal the decision, which also prohibits Big Tech from signing any similar agreement in the future. Thus, device manufacturing companies will be able to ship their modifications to phones, tablets and watches without direct linking to Google services.

South Korea’s so-called “Anti-Google Law” is already in place there, which means that no developer has to rely on the Play Store to offer payments. They can create their own systems or even insert links to complete purchases through the browser, with support from PayPal or similar, which caused suspension and ban from the app store before.

What will it be? should the free software giant do from now on? Will there be some kind of reaction to stop other nations from following South Korea’s path? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Source: Reuters

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