WhatsApp starts to unlock access to multiple devices for everyone

After successfully debuting in the beta version for Android, WhatsApp started to give everyone access to multiple simultaneous devices to the same app account. Now, users of stable versions can share a single profile on up to four different devices independently.

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To gain access, you need to update the app to the latest version available in the official store — App Store or Play Store. On three cell phones from the Canaltech newsroom, one Android and two iOS, it was already possible to try out the feature, although there was no announcement of the company.

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As soon as you join the service, the web version of WhatsApp and the computer application will start to work autonomously, without needing a cell phone to be connected to the internet. Synchronization is done instantly as soon as devices connect to the network: when a message is sent from the computer to groups or contacts, it is also available on the phone as soon as the connection is re-established — you can continue the conversation from wherever it is. stopped on any linked device.

Despite debuting in the stable version of the app, the feature officially dubbed “Multiple Devices” is still in the testing phase. Thus, it comes with some limitations, such as the restriction to send messages or make calls only to people with updated versions of the app on their cell phone, but this should be minimized soon, after all, most should apply the update in the coming days.

The stable version of Android also received this “beta feature” (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

Another however is a momentary reduction in application performance and quality, which can affect audio calls and video. Some users also report difficulties in the desktop version, such as the lack of option to pin conversations and the “new archiving”.

It is worth noting, however, that it is possible to stop using the beta version of Multiple Devices at any time, that is, you can start the test and return to the normal function (which does not allow you to connect more than one device autonomously) at any time.

All protected

According to WhatsApp, all messages will remain protected by end-to-end encryption: only authorized devices will be able to access the content. Any intercept attempt will require the key to decode the content of messages, photos, audios and videos.


Canaltech contacted the WhatsApp representation in Brazil and is waiting for a position to update the text.

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