New Sonos smart lamp may have customizable parts

The leak of a supposed manual for Sonos’ new smart lamp reveals an innovative feature: the possibility of changing the upper part — which can bring multiple design options in the same product . The document was found by user name shoicey, after he reported finding a new-generation Symfonisk lamp unit at a local IKEA store.

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  • According to the user, there will be two design options: a more cylindrical one that extends outside the device, and a more discreet one with rounded edges. Furthermore, the finish can be in fabric or glass. The parts can be exchanged simply and quickly, like a Lego.

    Finishes will have interchangeable parts (Image: Disclosure/IKEA)

    In addition, the new lamps also function as a smart speaker with support for the Apple AirPlay 2, just like the predecessor model. The Symfonisk lamp can be connected to other Sonos devices for synchronized sound in various environments.

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    The base of the lamps should also get a design update, in which the more circular look is dispensed with and replaced by a more integrated construction with volume controls and other commands.

    Price and availability

    IKEA has not yet confirmed the existence of the product, and therefore it does not have an official release date. However, the suggested prices have already been released: while the base will cost 123 euros (about R$

in direct conversion), the fabric finished top piece will cost Euros (BRL 123), and the glass one costs 20 euros (BRL 660).

Source: TechRadar

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