Dinosaur fossil as dangerous as T. Rex is found in Uzbekistan

In the Bissekty Formation in the Kyzylkum Desert of Uzbekistan, paleontologists have discovered the fossils of a new species of predatory dinosaur. Named Ulughbegsaurus uzbekistanensis, the creature was a Carcharodontosaurus, also known as a “shark tooth” dinosaur because of its large, serrated teeth. The fossil is a first of its kind to be found in Central Asia.

According to the researchers, the fossil has a part of the upper jaw of a creature that measured about eight meters in length and weighed a ton. Kohei Tanaka, one of the paleontologists responsible for the discovery, says that the dinosaur’s skull would be about one meter long and, because its teeth are pointed and sharp, it was a carnivorous species. The giant predator coexisted in the region with Tyrannosaurus thymurlengia, also a killer, but a little more modest.

Fragment found from the dinosaur’s jaw (Image: Reproduction /Kobayashi et al.)

The large jaw of the ulughbegsaurus it was found in Uzbekistan as early as the decade 1980, but researchers rediscovered the fossil while rummaging through a collection in a museum in the country. The research’s senior author, Yoshitsugu Kobayashi, says the discovery fills an important space in the fossil record, showing that carcharodontosaurs were spread across Europe to East Asia.

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According to paleontologists, carcharodontosaurs like ulughbegsaurus have disappeared from the market. Central Asia, which ended up making Tyrannosaurus rex the biggest predator to ever set foot on Earth. By way of comparison, the dinosaur of Uzbekistan existed 100 millions of years ago, and the T. Rex appeared some ago 12 millions of years, measuring 70 meters and weighing eight tons.

The discovery study was published in the scientific journal Royal Society Open Science.

Source: Popular Science

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