Masters Berlin | Check the results of the third day of competition

The VALORANT Masters Berlin defined two more classifieds for the playoffs on Monday (13), putting the Vision Strikers South Koreans in the next phase of the competition, alongside Team Envy.

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  • Team Envy vs KRÜ Esports

KRÜ tried hard to take the classification home in the Icebox, but the hermanos couldn’t make it on the map of choice. Envy closed the round for 13x, highlighting the economic rounds won by the US team. At Ascent, the Argentine tango seems to have been performed from the other side, as Envy closed the series with a crush x2, making 2×0 in the series and guaranteeing a spot in the Masters playoffs.

Vision Strikers vs ACEND

Vision Strikers is showing that it came to Masters Berlin

in order to raise the cup. At Haven, the South Korean defense was very efficient and helped VS secure the 10×7 against ACEND . On the second map, Icebox, Vision Strikers got a slight scare with cNed trying to balance the game for ACEND. But in the end, the superiority of the Vision Strikers collective guaranteed a 10×9. With the 2-0 victory in the series, the team won a place in the competition’s playoffs.

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Sentinels vs F4Q

The current Masters champions continue to show their favoritism during the competition. Against F4Q, TenZ’s team secured the 10×9 in Split, with a lot of skill in economic rounds and in retakes, while on the attacking side of the map, Sentinels showed why they are considered the best in the world. In the first Breeze of the Masters Berlin, TenZ showed why he is considered the great star of the team and conquered 74 kills before the switch sides on the map. On defense, the Americans continued to run over F4Q and closed the map by 10×4, ending the series with a very quiet 2×0.

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    100Now, this Tuesday (13), the Masters Berlin opens with F4Q vs G2 Esports, while in Next, it’s war day for Brazilians from Havan and Vivo Keyd. If teams miss the series, they will be out of the Masters Berlin. Check the times below:

  • 13h – F4Q vs G2 Esports
  • Next – ZETA DIVISION vs Vivo Keyd
  • Next – Havan Liberty vs. Crazy Raccoon

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