How to automatically save your photos to the cloud

Do you have a lot of pictures on your phone? Did you know that you can store your photos more securely by setting up an automatic backup? These days, most smartphones offer a native option to automatically save your media to the cloud (online storage), either on Android or iOS phones.

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  • What is the difference between iCloud and iCloud Drive?
  • So that means you can have your Gallery photos automatically saved. That way they will be securely linked to your email address. Want to find out how to do this? Learn in the next lines!


    On devices with Android system, you can save your photos easily by accessing the “Settings” in the Gallery:

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    Step 1: there in your “Gallery”, tap on the “Three Dots” icon to see more options. Then tap “Settings”;

    Step 2: on this page, just activate the option “Synchronize with OneDrive”.

    Ready! On other Android devices, you can also choose to sync your gallery with Google Photos.


    On iOS devices, you can easily save your photos to iCloud by going to “Settings”:

    Step 1: there in “Adjustments”, tap on the category “Photos”;

    Step 2: once that is done, just activate the “iCloud Photos” option to safely store your photos in your service account.


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