Bolt battery failure recall can take up to a year to complete

General Motors recently announced a global recall to fix the Chevrolet Bolt battery problems and this Monday (13), after a conference with LG, responsible for the production of electric cells, revealed an unexciting projection. According to the automaker, the new batteries may not be available until “after November”.

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  • Although it has not yet been defined whether the 142 thousand Chevrolet Bolts produced between 2017 and 2017 will need to carry out the complete exchange of the pack, or battery only, GM and LG confirmed that all will need to be attended to. As LG produced less than 5 GWh per month of batteries between January and July, and will now have to produce an additional 9 GWh, it will take up to a year for the recall to take place 100% complete.

    The losses for companies will also be of an impressive magnitude. Apparently, the cost of the entire operation will reach US$ 1.8 billion, equivalent to R$ 9,30 billion at the current price. Dan Flores, a GM spokesman, confirmed that the company is committed to streamlining the process as much as possible.

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    “The experts at GM and LG continue to work tirelessly on the issues. We are determined to do the right thing for our customers and resolve the issue once and for all. As soon as we are confident that LG can provide us with good battery modules, we will start repairs as soon as possible”, he assured.

    Defects detected

    According to GM, two flaws were detected in battery cells produced in South Korea and Michigan, in the United States: a cut anode flap and a folded separator. This second defect, in some rare circumstances, can even cause the battery to catch fire.

    General Motors has issued some guidelines on the prudent use of the Chevrolet Bolt. According to the company, in addition to keeping cars parked outdoors, the ideal is to use only 60% of the battery’s state of charge (SOC) available (between about 20% and 100% SOC). This will cause the autonomy to drop from 400 km to 100 km, but it will increase security.

    “In cases in which the vehicle, during charging, has the battery charged at full capacity or very close to full capacity, non-compliance can generate a risk of fire, with the possibility of material damage, serious physical injury or even death,” said GM , in a statement.

    In Brazil, the recall will also be carried out. According to General Motors do Brasil, the following versions of the Bolt will be called:

    • Chassis No.: L4125710 to L4125710
    • Initial and final date of manufacture : 13/Jun/2020 to 13/Jun/2021

    As usual in recall procedures, the service is completely free. Estimated repair time, according to GM, is 35 minutes. To schedule, just go to the company’s official website.

    Source: Inside Evs

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