Xiaomi Announces Stand-Alone Smart Glasses with Integrated Screen

A few days after Facebook presented its smart glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban, now it’s Xiaomi’s turn to reveal its bet for the wearables segment (wearable devices) with Xiaomi Smart Glasses.

  • Facebook launches smart glasses with cameras built-in and focused on privacy
  • Apple to launch augmented reality glasses in the next 12 months
  • MicroLED: how screen technology works
  • Combining a differentiated design, but still close to traditional glasses, the Chinese giant’s accessory has the ability to capture images, display messages and notifications, and make voice calls, display navigation routes and even translate texts.

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    All this is displayed by the transparent microLED technology screen integrated into the right lens of the glasses . Thanks to the display’s ability to illuminate individual pixels — such as OLED screens — the device’s interface is inactive until users need to use the accessory’s functionalities.

    According to Xiaomi, the microLED also stands out for its higher pixel density and longer service life thanks to its simpler structures, which allow for more compact screens and easier integration.

    Using optical guide technology of waves, the screen transmits light signals to the human eye thanks to the meshed structure of the lens, which refracts light at an angle of 14 degrees.

    (Image: Reproduction/Xiaomi)

    According to Xiaomi, the Smart Glasses is an accessory independent of the smartphone and does not work as a secondary screen for your cell phone.

    In a press release, the manufacturer highlights that in addition to displaying a notification tions and calls directly on the screen, the glasses can “independently complete functions such as browsing, capturing photos and translating photos and texts in real time.”

    The brand claims that the virtual assistant XiaoAI is the primary method of interaction, allowing Smart Glasses to “display the most important information at the time it needs”, with essential notifications being displayed to prevent users from being disturbed.

    (Image: Reproduction/Xiaomi)

    Xiaomi also highlights the device’s on-screen navigation capability, allowing maps and turn-by-turn information to be displayed on the screen while the person is driving or pedaling.

    With a 5MP camera, the glasses can capture photos and translate text live while the built-in microphone can transcribe audio and translate it in real time.

    The Xia omi Smart Glasses is equipped with four-core ARM chip, battery, touch-sensitive side, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, and is designed based on Android.

    (Image: Reproduction/Xiaomi)

    The manufacturer does not detail information about the processor manufacturer or even what the smart glasses’ battery life is or even how independent of the smartphone they are they really are.

    Xiaomi also didn’t release important details like the project’s release date or even a definitive price, which reinforces the theories that this is an exhibition of a prototype in development.

    It is worth remembering that rumors indicate that Apple would be increasingly closer to presenting its first smart glasses, being a wish of Tim Cook before leaving the command of the company. The Apple accessory is expected for 414 and is expected to consolidate the worldwide segment.

    Source: Xiaomi

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