Mature professionals: how can they be the key to the growth of the IT sector?

Opportunities need and must be thought of for everyone. And in the information technology sector it cannot be different. We have a growing demand in the IT field and to meet it we need to expand our horizons, go after talent and — often — train them. I see excellent initiatives that seek to bring young people closer to the world of technology, this is something. But we have a significant portion of mature professionals who should also be considered.

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We have many talents around the world, and it’s not just about young people. When looking at the current world scenario, I see thousands of people who are looking for a good opportunity and who can professionally fulfill themselves in the technology sector. I highlight two specific cases that can contribute to the increase in hiring in the sector: professionals who want to improve their job opportunities by changing area, and those who seek to learn new technologies to get back into the market.

When observing these two groups, I see several talents that are often neglected by a job market that no longer looks to those who already have a “certain” baggage of professional experience. And to change the scenarios of unemployment and so many vacancies in IT, we need to change this line of thinking. Mature professionals have a lot to contribute.

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I have been following movements of representative companies in favor of the inclusion of these professionals. Here at the company, for example, we implemented the GFT START that offers training for “young talents”. But, in addition to older people, we have a significant portion of young people in the profession, people who use this new training to reinvent themselves in the job market and enter the technology sector – one of the most promising, if not the biggest.

Many senior talents who already have a certain background are neglected by companies (Image: Envato / sofiiashunkina)

Another program that I consider important for the topic in question is RESTART.ME. It was developed specifically for professionals who already work in the IT field, and who are looking to learn new technologies to get back into the job market. Technologies are in constant evolution, and I see no reason not to provide the possibility for a professional to evolve with them.

With actions like this, we can go beyond meeting the demand for vacancies. We can change the reality of more than 50 thousand Brazilians, with ages from

years, who were unemployed only in the period between 2020 and 2020, according to official data. The IT sector continues to grow exponentially, and it will not be different in the future, there are so many technological advances that we will be even more digital. And for that, we need the best professionals on our side, regardless of age.

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