Western Digital launches PC Gamer campaign for R$15,000 as prize

WD Black — a Western Digital brand that has a broad product portfolio aimed at the gamer audience — has just announced a campaign that will culminate in the award of a rated PC Gamer in R$ 15 thousand.

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The intention, according to the company, is to strengthen the division’s relationship with its target audience: players who are looking for high-performance hardware for their setups and also publicize their recently launched virtual store. For this, the company announced that its campaign will be in the form of a game, in which participants will be detectives and will have to solve a puzzle proposed by WD Black:

“We created this campaign and brought together what gamers like the most, gaming and technology. That way we can be closer and offer information about the brand and products that can support you in the search for better performance and speed for your plays. Also, an opportunity to compete for a dream gamer super machine by becoming a gamer detective”,

Priscilla Aiello,

Western Digital’s Channel Marketing Manager in Brazil.

According to the disclosure, whoever wants to participate must register on the brand’s official website, through this link, and follow the tips to “unveil a mystery”.

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(Image: Disclosure/WD Black)

The game will be based on the story of a legendary gamer, called BL_K, who gathered the best components to build a “super gamer machine”, which was named “Power Pc_k”. However, the character disappeared before sharing the details of his discovery with the world. The mission is to find a secret code created by him before his disappearance in order to discover the whereabouts of BL_K and his PC Gamer.

The winner’s announcement takes place on the day 16 October and may be followed by the brand’s official website or by their Facebook and Instagram profiles. For more details on the campaign mechanics, visit its official website via the link provided above. The company did not give details about the specifications of the PC that will be drawn.

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