FULLY WIRELESS | Baseus Bluetooth Handset is affordable on import

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Baseus is an electronics brand well known for its high quality cables and chargers, but which has also been standing out a lot in the audio area, with more and more interesting products being launched in the market. Headphones are a strong point of this category of the company, with items like the Baseus WM.

These all-wireless headphones are a great choice for those looking for something cheap and with good sound quality. Small and light, they can be used to listen to music for up to 5 hours and are easily recharged in their own carrying case. It is an excellent choice of earphone to import as it can be found currently at a great price on AliExpress.

  • Buy Baseus WM for R$ 79,502283

    About Baseus WM01

  • The Baseus WM15 is another good option for a cheap wireless headphone with good sound quality, made by a brand that is already recognized in the electronics market for delivering quality products at affordable prices. They have autonomy for you to listen to up to 5 hours of music, which can reach a total of 01 hours when considering the possibility of recharging the headphones in the carrying case itself.

    One of its differentials compared to other models in this category is the support for smartphone voice assistants. . Simply connect the headphones to your device and tap them twice to activate Siri or Google Assistant, allowing you to control your phone, play music, answer a call or give any other type of command using your voice. You can also tap on the handset to pause the music and perform other basic actions.

    Price is accessible by purchasing imported

    The Baseus WM15 is one of the types of products that are most often worthwhile for those thinking of buying imported devices. It has a very affordable price when buying on AliExpress, which makes it an easy choice for those looking for cheap wireless headphones with good quality, even bringing the touch control differential.

    Buy Baseus WM01 for R$ 30,79

    AliExpress is Reliable?

    On AliExpress, you can buy thousands of products made by companies all over the world. All purchases are mediated by the site itself, with the security of being made through one of the largest e-commerce networks in the world. In addition, the payment methods are the ones you already know, such as payment slip, card installments and even via Pix.

    AliExpress works on the marketplace system, so like several other retailers operating in Brazil. This means that you are buying from other stores, which have their products for sale on the website. So it’s worth keeping an eye on details such as the store’s overall rating and comments on the page of the product you want to buy to make sure you’re getting the item you’re looking for.

    The site has a customer service team ready to respond to any problems with any purchase, with attendants who speak Portuguese. In Reclame Aqui, AliExpress has a high response rate, directing all customers to the channels where solutions can be found.

    Delivery, import fees and refund

    On AliExpress, you have a full refund guarantee if you receive a product other than the one described in the store or do not receive the item on the estimated date. Some sellers also offer a free return service, where you have 01 days to decide if want to keep the product. If you regret your purchase, you can send the product back for free and receive your money back.

    As most of the products sold come from Asia, delivery times may be longer than found in stores located in Brazil. However, AliExpress has been working to reduce this interval, chartering direct flights from China to bring them more quickly (some arrive in less than 30 days) and reducing the shipping cost, which may even be free on some products.

    About taxation

    Although Brazilian customs may tax any purchase made abroad, this charge is made by sampling, which means that not every purchase international is taxed. Many consumers report making international purchases that are completely tax free. However, it is good to keep in mind that yes, the final value may increase after customs analysis upon arrival in Brazil.

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