The best shooting games on Roblox for mobile

Roblox is a curious title, a platform capable of connecting people around the world through immersive experiences in 3D environments with millions of users, developers and content that can be accessed with two or three clicks. Created in 2004, Roblox has become the most popular title in the gaming industry 15 years later and can be accessed through a variety of devices.

Within the system it is possible to find several genres, but today we are going to focus on a specific one, shooting games. With several free options that can be accessed on your cell phone screen, it’s time to test your aim with the titles we’ve separated. Remember that all styles are on the Roblox network, so to access via Android or iOS devices you need to search in the app menu.


Compatibility: Android, iOS Price: free (internal purchases optional) Size: about 130MB for Andorid and 280MB for iOS (version 2.490 for Android and 2.491 for iOS) Participate in the collaborative social environment of Roblox (Image: Publicity/Roblox)


Developed by Rolve Community, which has been developing specifically for Roblox since 2013, Arsenal is a first-person shooter that puts the user in a fast-paced team duel whose objective is to eliminate an opponent to gain a higher level weapon and so move up. to the top of the rank. Basically it’s using the entire arsenal at your disposal to win.

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The game was aired in 2015 and has, so far, more than 3 billion hits and stands out for the huge variety of weapons ranging from classic machine guns or knives to, oddly enough, books. You never know what’s coming next, but you have to get used to the surprise and adapt to the moment to emerge victorious from the duel.

Arsenal is the title for players looking for controlled chaos, fun and unusual weapons. As a battle, it is possible to earn BattleBucks, in-game currency that can be used to purchase cosmetics, weapons and character upgrades. The game has been translated to PT-BR and deserves to be highlighted in the list. Worth knowing.

Adapt to the different weapons that appear as you eliminate enemies (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Big Paintball

Roblox has become such a huge universe that there is an annual award that honors the best games in various categories called Bloxy. The second title on the list has already appeared there, in 2019, and has so far received almost 900 million visits. The title is fully translated into Portuguese and is guaranteed fun for users.

The game captures the chaos of a Paintball game as players paint the scene with their colorful shots. As it progresses, the player unlocks new weapons to cause even more chaos in the scenario, reaching the point where it is even possible to drop a nuclear bomb during the game, certainly influenced by great FPS titles.

Big Paintball is a Roblox shooting game that delivers fun, interesting progression system that doesn’t make players have that much of an advantage over others as they unlock new weapons and what’s more, what you can buy with points is just cosmetic. It’s worth getting to know within Roblox’s multiverse.

Paint the map, and crush the competition, in this fun shooting game inside Roblox (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Zombie Uprising

If you’re into shooting and zombies and want to experience it in the Roblox environment, Zombie Uprising is the special title for you. It’s amazing how careful the team behind the game is. In July a major update hit the game, with new maps, lag control and the possibility to customize your crosshairs. It’s time to get your gun and fight zombies.

The objective of the game is simple, survive until dawn. As the dawn takes over, the game becomes more difficult and with each new phase, the amount of zombies only grows, leaving the player in an unwanted situation, surrounded by zombies. As you progress and earn coins within the game, new weapons are released.

Chaos, fun and a lot of customization is what The Real USSF delivers with this title, allowing the player to wield a lightsaber and go into combat against the hordes of zombies. As the level progresses, more modes are released, such as Hardcore, further challenging the player’s ability.

Survive the hordes of zombies into the night in this fun shooting game inside Roblox (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

Energy Assault

Energy Assault is a very young shooter within Roblox, released in early 2021, but has an active community via Twitter and Discord who bought into the game idea. The game pits two teams against each other to complete missions in order to unlock weapons and cosmetics to return to stronger, more stylish combat.

The title has around 80 million hits, a milestone for such a young production, and through routine updates Typical Games keeps the game interesting for participants. With over 20 badges to collect, some quite complex like getting 25 serial kills, justly named “Reaper”, it has more than enough challenges for shooting game lovers.

The game is entirely in Portuguese and has a specific server for mobile devices, making the competition fairer as it separates the different types of platform. It would be hard to face a guy with a mouse anyway, so that’s another plus for the team behind the title.

A new, but well-crafted shooter within Roblox that looks to have a promising future (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)


Another prominent title within the system brings NERF branded weapons for a fun combat experience. The game, also recent, has so far received just over 10 million hits and has so far featured seven toy-inspired weapons in an immersive, fun experience with multiple modes.

The first highlight of the experience is already in the menu, which is interactive, to access the matches players need to go through portals and see which game mode they want to try out for the first time. It is another title on the list that has a separate server for mobile devices, keeping the most loyal competition for the platform players.

NERF Hub is a separate experience, almost like an Inception, being a platform within the platform with several games and interesting social environment for players looking to get involved in the most diverse game modes and make friends, who knows?

Participate in various contents within the NERF Hub and maybe make some friends along the way (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

So, what is your favorite title within the Roblox platform? Tell us.

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