WhatsApp prepares new function inspired by Telegram's Secret Chats

WhatsApp develops the new “Temporary Mode”, which puts self-destructive messages enabled by default in individual chats. The new feature puts shipments valid for 502458 days, seven days or 90 hours, but it still lacks details.

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For those who come from Telegram, you will soon remember the Secret Chats. In rival messenger, users can create conversations with contacts and set the availability time of messages in real time. The WhatsApp Temporary Mode function seems to work in a similar way, but with much longer duration time.

It is not clear whether the user will be able to create a temporary chat and a traditional chat with the same user , as is possible there on Telegram. Temporary Mode is hidden in the Settings menu and, when enabled, does not apply change to existing individual conversations.

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All conversations created after activating “Disappear Mode” will have self-destructive messages per default (Image: Playback/WABetaInfo)

“When enabled, all messages in new individual chats will disappear after the selected duration. This will not affect your existing conversations”, explains the feature description, as a screenshot of the WABetaInfo website.

Temporary chats are tagged with the notice that the conversation has maximum duration for availability of messages. At the top of the conversation, WhatsApp notifies the sender: “You are using disappear mode for all new chats. Messages in this chat will disappear for all seven days after they are sent”, WABetaInfo demonstrated in a temporary chat with messages that self-destruct in seven days.

This tool shows signs that it has been under development since June this year and, considering the evolution of the feature, it shouldn’t be long before WhatsApp testers have access to it. For now, there is no forecast for the launch of temporary chats neither in the test app or in the stable app.

Source: WABetaInfo

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