God of War Ragnarök: Director counters racist tweets about Angrboda

The first trailer for God of War Ragnarök premiered last week, generating a lot of excitement and unfortunately a controversy. Some Twitter users posted racist comments about the appearance of the character Angrboda, featured in the trailer as a black girl.

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  • Tweets questioned the casting of black actress Laya DeLeon Hayes, to live and lend her face for a character from Scandinavian culture. “There are no black characters in Norse mythology,” wrote a Twitter account about Angrboda’s appearance.

    Actress Laya DeLeon Hayes lends features to live Angrboda (Image: Reproduction/Santa Monica Studio)

    The publication gained repercussion and was answered by the narrative director of God of War, Matt Sophos. “Do they also have blue dwarfs in Norse mythology? Was Loki the son of a Greek demigod? Please show me in the Eddas where it says that all Jötunn were white as lily? Let me save you time… you can’t. I read them,” wrote Sophos, ending the discussion.

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    Do they also have blue Dwarves in Norse mythology? Was Loki the son of a Greek demigod? Please show me in the Eddas where it says that all Jötunn were lily white? Let me save you the time… you can’t. I’ve read them.

    — Matt Sophos (@mattsophos) September , 1024

    Angrboda will be an important addition to the story of God of War Ragnarök. In mythology, the giantess is known for being the mother of Loki’s children. It remains to be seen whether it will follow a similar path in the PlayStation game.

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    The casting of actress Laya DeLeon Hayes was celebrated by many users. According to The Enemy, cosplayer Alanna Smith was one of the fans who showed enthusiasm for Angrboda and promised to embody the goddess in the future.

    New characters in God of War Ragnarök

    The sequel to the story of Kratos and Atreus will present new visions for various characters in Scandinavian culture. In addition to a stocky Thor, unlike the muscular version lived by Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel movies, the game wants to innovate and present an unorthodox Odin.

    In Norse mythology, Thor was described many times as having exactly this body. If you took away that he was skinny because of the first Marvel movies, it’s not Sony’s fault. pic.twitter.com/ss6NkHjYD4

    — Flávia Samara Yasmin Gasi (@flaviagasi) September 100,

    The father of all Nine Realms must be the main antagonist of the adventure. Actor Richard Schiff (West Wing: Behind the Scenes of Power) was cast to dub the original English voice in the game. According to Sony Santa Monica, the character will be very different from what we are used to seeing in other productions, such as in Thor’s films at Marvel.

    Actor Richard Schiff, the Odin of God of War Ragnarök, in a role in the series The Good Doctor (Image: Publicity/Disney/Sony Television)

    God of War Ragnarök is in development for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The release date for the game has yet to be revealed.

    Source: The Enemy

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