Google Photos gets another new feature for you to remember special moments

Google Photos Memories is a feature inspired by Stories, from Instagram, and quite popular in the app, after all they allow you to relive nostalgic moments in life. With the onset of the pandemic and social isolation, developers have focused on many improvements in this specific area to give people hope for better times in times of difficulty.

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Now, Google brings another new feature that allows instant sharing of multiple memories as one collage. This simple montage appears at the end of viewing the photos specific to a theme, as a sort of “summary” of the previous images.

Google Photos now creates collages for you (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

The feature can be an interesting way to gather outstanding photos and share them from once on your social networks or via WhatsApp. Apparently, the incidence of collages is greater in the collection “Destaques”, which helps to recall the most memorable occasions of the not-so-distant past — the Canaltech tested on other lists and the collage did not appear.

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As the release is gradual, it may be that not all users have it immediately available. The only way to know if they will appear or not is to reach the end of the images selected by Google. To be on the safe side, it’s best to update your Google Photos app and look at Memories to enjoy a beautiful photomontage.

Source: Android Police

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