4 Tips to Download Fortnite Faster on PC

Fortnite (PC | Android | XBox | PS | Switch) is an interesting title of the genre as it tells stories that allow players to interact through changes on the island and new weapons and tools available. Every week something new is introduced, sometimes the file is large, sometimes not so much, but it requires a considerable amount of time to wait. Worth signing up for the Fortnite Club?

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    As we know you are crazy to jump off the bus and go after the “Vitória Royale”


    separated some tips to download Fortnite faster on PC and enjoy the game without much delay. Some of these tips also help console users, so without further ado let’s get to them.

    Tips to download Fortnite faster on PC

    Restart your router

    You know that night when you stayed up until three o’clock in the morning playing games and in the day working like a zombie? The same logic applies to a router that spends a lot of time on, accumulating tasks. Eventually it will overload, so whenever the connection seems slower than usual it is advisable to restart the device.

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    Check and close programs that use internet connection

    Steam, Discord, Spotify, and several other programs usually load as soon as we turn on the PC and they all need a constant internet connection to work. To see the open programs, access the “Task Manager” through the shortcut “CTRL + ALT + Delete” and you will be able to see all applications with active process. Right-click and then “End Task” to close the program.

    Another way to check which programs are active is through the “Show cult icons” option on the start bar, and by right-clicking on each icon it is possible to close and focus on downloading the Epic game.

    See the open programs and close them so that the connection data is free (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    Avoid downloading other games or programs while downloading Fortnite

    This tip is not just for the game, but any download that needs to have priority will be jeopardized if you are performing other operations simultaneously. Pause the other operation, finish the transfer in the Epic app, and then re-download the other file.

    Use the built-in “Limit downloads” function

    The most important tip is present in the Epic Games system itself. It may seem counter-intuitive to limit the download, but choosing a specific amount of data for the task helps you to get through the process quickly.

    Accelerate the download by controlling the data limit ( Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    By following these tips you can speed up the process and go after victory. Good game!

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