Deepfake program changes people's faces even on live streams

Deepfake is a scary technique that allows you to change someone’s face in videos so naturally that it looks like someone else. Although in the beginning the result was something very strange, the technique has evolved and today it is something so sophisticated that only specialists can detect it. To make matters worse, live broadcasts gained deepfake software capable of changing people’s faces in real time — until then, it was most common to see this type of technique in recorded videos.

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DeepFaceLive is an open source artificial intelligence program that can change your face to someone else’s on video conferencing and streaming platforms. According to The Daily Dot, the app was created by a developer known as Iperov and is already in use on YouTube and Twitch. On the Github page, the developer shows some videos produced with the face of actress Margot Robbie and the result is impressive.

See an example of the app in action on TikTok:

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DeepFaceLive is a new open-source deepfake software that allows you to transform your face in real time over video conference platforms like Zoom. Here a Russian TikToker uses the tool to turn himself into Arnold Schwarzenegger.

— Tony Ho Tran (@TonyHoWasHere) September ,

Although the primary purpose of apps like this is to provide situations fun or absurd, they can cause immense inconvenience in the wrong hands. In an interview with the Daily Dot, the head of communications and research analysis of artificial intelligence company Deeptrace, Henry Adjer, imagines some not pleasant uses.

He cites as examples the act of a streamer impersonating a celebrity or using simulated faces for fakes in biometric facial recognition systems. “Many will see DeepFaceLive as a fun tool to stream live on Twitch or TikTok absurd videos, but my research on deepfakes has consistently shown that there are many others who will attempt to misuse it,” he points out.

Fun vs. Threat

The face replacement technique worries authorities from all over the planet because it allows the creation of clones for purposes of publicity, comedy or even for the commission of virtual crimes. If done right, it can turn 50 year-old men into attractive half-aged women or put the face of a political rival in a situation. embarrassing, just to stay with two “basic” examples.

Of course that the manipulation of videos with nefarious purposes can lead the creator of the content to jail or, in the least of consequences, even a lawsuit for misuse of the image. If you bring this to your TikTok broadcasts or Instagram lives, keep in mind that the other party may not like the game at all, which can make your life inconvenient.

Source: The Daily Dot

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