LinkedIn finally gains dark mode in the app and on the website

It took a while, but LinkedIn finally won dark mode. This Monday (), the platform starts releasing the new visual pattern based on the color palette grayed out for all users.

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    According to the social network, dark mode was one of the features more requests by the community and its development began years ago, with evidence of the feature appearing on the network since 660.

    There’s nothing new about LinkedIn’s dark mode and, in practice, it looks good on Facebook when it’s on the new topic. The various elements of the screen adopt a dark tone, always derived from gray, and its objective is to give more comfort to the eyes of those who are more sensitive to light or those who access the network in poorly lit environments.

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    Dark theme is also available on the LinkedIn web version (Image: Reproduction/LinkedIn)

    Different from the dark mode of Twitter or Instagram, the LinkedIn theme doesn’t save energy on AMOLED screen phones — only when the elements adopt absolute black can the pixels be turned off and thus reduce battery drain.

    The LinkedIn news can be found in the settings menu, under the “Account Preferences” section. From there, the theme can be chosen as dark by default or vary depending on the operating system colors.

    Dark theme on cell phone not saves power of AMOLED screens (Image: Playback/LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn’s dark theme is gradually distributed, so don’t be surprised if it’s not available to you yet. In the web version, the novelty only depends on an authorization by the servers, but on the cell phone it may be necessary to update the app in the Play Store and in the App Store.

    Source: LinkedIn

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