And Another Thing … Storm Brexit Rages On

[First published by The Clare People on March 19, 2019]

THEY think it’s all over? It is no….oh wait. It’s not. The strange force that is Brexit staggers on, no focus or final destination in sight. Brexit means Brexit and that’s all there is to it. If this was supposed to be the easy part of the negotiations between Britain and the European Union, what happens when tricky issues like trade and security have to be settled? Brexit is confusing and difficult to follow in the same way the Davis Cup is in tennis. Like Brexit, the Davis Cup is always seems to be on. It could be August or December but flick on Sky Sport News and there’s a decent chance you’ll hear Jim White declaring, “Great Britain’s Davis Cup hopes remain intact after….”. Its much the same with Brexit. Every night there are fevered reports of Brexit breakthroughs or bombshells and when everything has quietened down, people are left scratching their heads wondering what just happened? Did anything happen?  Brexit’s monopoly of public life in Britain reached fever pitch last week when the braying requests for ORDAH! ORDAH! in the House of Commons and “meaningful” votes appeared to signify that British politicians had decided enough was enough and that if an agreement was not reached then the only viable alternative was a sudden mass combustion on the banks of the Thames. No such explosions were reported and neither was an agreement with MPs no wiser to what it is they wanted. Turns out Brexit means Brexit is not quite the clear-eyed vision of Britain’s post-European future many believe it to be. This week something is supposed to happen. And it might. British politicians would come to their senses, finally decide they want and agree a deal. Or at least that’s what Theresa May hoped for. She is still hawking the deal reached with the European Union that has already been rejected twice by MPs. But this being Brexit, nothing is straightforward. Plans for a third vote on the deal looked in trouble yesterday when the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, said the motion proposing the deal must be different to the one previously debated. So on it goes. Theresa May and the EU look doomed to a purgatorial existence of meetings and draft agreements and leaked reports of rows at dinner. It’s hard to know with such a mess like Brexit where the end is or if there even is an end. Maybe this goes on forever. Brexit means Brexit means Brexit…..  


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