IFA expects place at the negotiation table for possible Cliffs extension

The Cliffs of Moher Walking Trail

There is growing unrest among some landowners on the Cliffs of Moher Trail in North Clare about the future direction of the project.
The 18 km trail, which is managed by Clare Local Development Company, has become the most successful walking route in Ireland since it was opened in 2014.
Clare County Council is currently seeking to take over the management of a 1km section of the trail either side of the Cliffs of Moher Visitors Experience.
The local authority met with the landowners involved in this section of the trail last month but have not included the other landowners or their collective representative, the Burren IFA, in this meeting.
A number of local landowners have contacted The Clare People over the past two weeks expressing their dissatisfaction with the current situation.
“We have met with our sub-committee of landowners on the walk and our preferred option is for Clare LDC and Clare County Council to come together and have one arrangement for the walk,” said Michael Davoren, Chairperson of Burren IFA.
“The farmers in this walk have chosen the IFA to represent them. These negotiations are at an early stage, the council have just made representations to the landowners and met with the farmers.
“We have met with Clare LDC, we hope to meet with Clare County Council in the not too distant future, and the hope is that all parties can sit down around the table and come up with a workable relationship for all concerned.”
Clare County Council has confirmed that it has met with the landowners immediately involved but has not yet met with the IFA or other landowners.
“Clare County Council has met with all landowners on a 1km section of the walk either side of Cliffs of Moher Visitor Experience in relation to the proposed widening of the walking path,” said a spokesperson from Clare County Council.



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