Stranded person rescued at the mouth of Scariff River

Lough Derg RNLI launch to assist a lone adult on 37ft cruiser aground north of the mouth of Scariff River

A LONE skipper was rescued from a 37-foot cruiser which had run aground north of the mouth of the Scariff River on Monday afternoon.

Responding to a call for assistance at 4pm, a Lough Derg RNLI crew arrived quickly on the scene to find the boat close to the shore, raised high out the water, having been pushed by the wind.

The lifeboat crew, with helm Ger Egan, Eleanor Hooker, Jimmy Gundegjerde Kjell and Joe O’Donoghue on board, assessed the hull of the stranded vessel for damage before towing it safely back into the water, where it was able to continue its passage.

The lifeboat had approached the cruiser with caution whilst the volunteer crew took soundings and used the electronic navigation charts on board to assess depths.

An RNLI crew member transferred across to the casualty vessel and established that the skipper was safe and unharmed.

They checked the boat for ingress of water and also emptied the tanks on board to lighten the vessel.

After a thorough assessment of depths around the cruiser, the RNLI volunteers set up for a tow.

The cruiser was taken off the rocks and into deeper water, where the crew member on board the casualty vessel again checked the boat to ensure there was no damage to the hull.

The skipper checked the engine, steering and rudder which were found to be in working order.

The lifeboat released the tow and with a crew member still on board, accompanied the cruiser up the Scariff River.

Satisfied that all was in good working order and that it was able to continue its passage without the need for further assistance, the RNLI volunteer transferred back to the lifeboat.

Following the incident, Helm Ger Egan advised those going out on the water to “make sure you have up to date charts on board and always check that your surroundings correspond to the navigation route on the chart or GPS”.

The lifeboat returned to the station and was ready for service again at 6.24pm.


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