Ennis Hospital recognised for ‘overall experience’

Patrick Lynch, HSE National Director, presenting a special recognition to Ennis Hospital for ‘Best Overall Experience’ in a Hospital in the National Patient Experience Survey [NPES] to Margaret Gleeson, Chief Director of Nursing and Midwifery, UL Hospitals Group; Patricia O’Gorman, Operational Director of Nursing, Ennis Hospital and Patricia Buckley, Clinical Placement Coordinator, Ennis Hospital

ENNIS General Hospital has been recognised for the ‘Best Overall Experience’ in a hospital.

The acknowledgment follows a nationwide survey in which 98 per cent of patients rated their overall experience at the Ennis-based facility as ‘very good’, the best across 40 acute hospitals around the country.

The survey asked every patient who had spent at least one night in an acute hospital during May 2018 for their feedback through over 50 detailed questions.

Welcoming the recent appreciation, Patricia O’Gorman, Operational Director of Nursing, Ennis Hospital, said that staff in Ennis have worked hard on improving the patient experience.

Outlining a number of innovative initiatives Ms O’Gorman highlighted several values-driven, patient-centred projects that were part of the culture of Ennis Hospital.

“Joy in work comes from understanding why your work is important – not from the work but from the knowledge that the patient is going to use it.

“This is who we are working for and this is who depends on us,” she said.

Ennis Hospital achieved an above average rating at every applicable stage of care.

Among the findings in Ennis were that all patients surveyed said they were always treated with respect and dignity while in hospital, while 98 per cent said they were always given enough privacy.

Furthermore, all patients who had questions about their procedure or operation said they were answered in a way they could understand and 98 per cent described their room or ward as ‘very clean’.

Despite this, Ms O’Gorman said that staff at the Ennis hospital aren’t ready to rest on their laurels, stating that staff were committed to making further improvements.

Numerous initiatives are currently underway in a bid to progress health literacy, written and verbal communication and the protection of mealtimes for surgical patients.

The survey highlighted a number of areas which can be improved on, including medical staff taking more time to discuss care and treatment with their patients and more work around discharge planning.

The survey was broken down into different sections representing the patient journey including admissions, care on the ward, examination, diagnosis and treatment and discharge transfer.


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