Council withdraws motion of no confidence in Health Minister

Minister for Health, Simon Harris

CLARE COUNTY COUNCIL has confirmed its decision to withdraw a motion of no confidence in Health Minister Simon Harris.

This comes after Minister Harris confirmed that he will meet with the four council elected members on the Regional Health Forum West next month.

In a bid to voice concerns over ongoing issues and overcrowding at the region’s main hospital, University Hospital Limerick (UHL), Councillor James Breen (IND) had previously proposed a vote of no confidence at the January monthly meeting of Clare County Council.

At the time, Cllr Breen announced his decision to defer the motion to give Minister Harris an opportunity to meet with members of the Regional Health Forum.

At February’s meeting on Monday, it was announced that a spokesperson for Minster Harris’ office has made contact with the local authority and that the Health Minister is set to meet with the four members of the health forum in Dublin on Thursday, March 7.

Following this, Cllr Breen declared his decision to extract his vote of no confidence until the outcome of the proposed meeting is revealed.

“In view of this I am prepared to defer my motion,” said Cllr Breen.

Following January’s meeting Councillor Breen agreed to defer his motion for four weeks, allowing time for a meeting between Simon Harris and the local health forum members to take place.

The former TD for County Clare was set to bring his vote of no confidence to the table again at Monday’s February meeting before it was revealed that Minister Harris had met his four week deadline to arrange a meeting to discuss persistent over crowing at UHL.

The four local members of the Regional Health Forum are Councillor Pat Burke (FG), Cllr Tom McNamara (FF), Councillor Ann Norton (IND), and Cllr PJ Ryan (IND).


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