‘Significant disruption and cancellation’ in hospitals serving Clare

AHEAD of the proposed strike action by the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation (INMO), UL Hospitals Group have confirmed there will be significant disruption and cancellation of routine services across all of its hospitals on Wednesday, January 30.

During tomorrow’s planned strike action injury units, such as Ennis Hosptial, will not operate, all planned inpatient surgery is cancelled and all planned day case procedures will not take place.

All outpatient clinics and procedures have also been cancelled while the vast majority of elective procedures have been cancelled.

However, a small number of elective surgeries will take place at University Hospital Limerick (UHL).

These are complex cases where surgery is time-critical and these patients are being contacted directly by the hospital.

UL Hospitals continues to work with the INMO to secure the safest possible level of nursing and midwifery cover in across the group during the period of the strike and contingency arrangements are being finalised.

With this in mind, the emergency department at UHL will still operate as normal, but paitents are being asked to only attend if absolutetly essential

Maternity services, colposcopy services, oncology services (chemotherapy and radiotherapy), dialysis, planned obstetric procedures and palliative care will still operate across hospitials serving Clare.

A spokesperson for UL Hospitals Group said that it is expected that the ED will be busy and that members of the public are being urged to consider all their care options before presenting to the Emergency Department at UHL.

“Members of the public with a less serious illness can be treated by their GP or out of hours GP service where their GP can refer them to an Assessment Unit if required.  

“However, if you are seriously injured or ill or are worried your life is at risk the ED will assess and treat you as a priority.”

UL Hospitals Group sites include University Hospital Limerick, University Maternity Hospital Limerick, Ennis Hospital, Nenagh Hospital, St John’s Hospital and Croom Orthopaedic Hospital.


  1. Hello Everyone knows the nurses deserve better pay. They have been the softies for years. The grenade in their pocket is that every, EVERY public servant has a related claim. Bertie gave them billions because they felt cheated by tech nerds making a fortune out of Y2K. No politician can attack the public service, ergo we seperate the nurse claim from everything else or we do surgery in the community centre from now on.


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