€9.8 million paid in Local Property Tax in Clare

A TOTAL of €9.8 million was paid in Local Property Tax (LPT) by 53,500 households in Clare last year. 

Figures released by Revenue also show that Clare has one of the highest compliance rates, with 98.8 per cent of households paying the tax in 2018. 

The figure collected in Clare remains the same as that in 2017 but displays a significant rise when compared to the €8.4 million paid out by local households in the previous year. 

While the compliance rate in the county has marginally decreased from 2017, when 99.4 per cent of property owners opted to pay the LPT, it still remains the third most compliant local authority area in the country. 

Only households in Carlow and homeowners under the jurisdiction of Fingal County Council have higher rates of paying the LPT, with compliance rates of 99.6 per cent and 99.4 cent respectively.  The preliminary data from Revenue shows that, in total, €455 million was collected nationwide in LPT last year, a 97 per cent compliance rate.  According to Revenue, some properties, such as those owned by religious organisations or Governments, are exempt from paying property taxes. 

The tax was first introduced in 2013, as the Irish Government aimed to raise vital funds for local councils in the midst of a recession and an international bailout programme. 

In the small number of cases of non-compliance in the county, Revenue said that it had “no alternative” but to deploy enforcement measures and sanctions to ensure payment. The basic LPT rate is set at 0.18 per cent for properties valued under one million euro and 0.25 per cent on the amount of the value of homes worth over one million euro. For example, property owners of an average-priced house in Clare will pay an annual fee of €338.40 in property tax on a home worth €188,000. Clare County Council does not collect or retain the payments, which are handled directly by the Revenue Commissioners. 

According to the annual property tax report, the statistics are based on preliminary analyses of returns filed, which continue to be updated, following the recent deadline to pay the LPT rate in full. 

In total, €482 million in LPT receipts were transferred to the Local Government Fund in 2018 including the collection of arrears from previous years.


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