A new way forward for Shannon Venue?

MEMBERS of the Shannon Venue committee have urged Clare County Council “to take the lead on the regeneration” of the county’s second largest town. This follows an “honest and frank discussion” between those behind the proposed community, civic and cultural centre for Shannon, who decided to pull the plug on their involvement with the project late last year, with senior members of the local council.  In a bid to explore “a way forward for Shannon town” the Venue team met Clare County Council chief executive, Pat Dowling on Wednesday, January 9, when it was agreed that the Venue’s Urban Regeneration and Development Fund (URDF) funding award will be used by the local authority to address any issues highlighted in the application process.   According to a spokesperson for the Shannon Venue, the council is set to re-apply and present their vision and plan for Shannon with a project, similar in principle to and sharing the objectives of the Venue, with those behind the original project hopeful that such actions will kick-start the delivery of this vision. The Shannon Venue team confirmed its intention to wind down their legal entity, in an orderly manner, and highlighted the opportunity for the council to acquire the site.  

 In a statement received by The Clare People from the Shannon Venue committee, it was stated that council ownership of a “key and prominent site” within the centre of the town will “strengthen their stakeholder status and show tangible intent”. Clare County Council will explore this option further over the coming weeks. “It is our view that the council has the mandate and now the opportunity to take the lead on the regeneration of the town, building on the research, efforts and momentum of the Venue project and focusing on providing solutions for the living town of Shannon,” said a spokesperson for the Venue committee.

“In summary, Clare County Council will use the URDF funding award for a short, sharp exercise that will deliver a clear place making plan for Shannon Town Centre.    

“They will also quickly put forward and secure funding for the first project to give effect to this plan.”  The Shannon Venue committee made the announcement in early December to end its plans to deliver the centre following an unsuccessful application for ‘Category A’ URDF Government funding, as the ‘shovel ready’ project was informed it was the recipient of ‘Category B’ funding. 


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