Five Extraordinary Date-Night Ideas Away in Dublin

Forget all those cliché notions you see in movies about what a date night should look like – the best date nights away are ones that are personalised to you and your significant other. Some of us can’t resist a fancy night out whilst others just want to chill at home with a loved one. Whatever it is you enjoy, a great date is out there and waiting to be enjoyed on an overnight trip to Dublin! Take a look at a few of these ideas to keep in mind for your next date night away.

1. Have a Picnic in St. Anne’s Park

Sometimes life calls for a break from the usual hustle and bustle. For some of us, there’s nothing that beats relaxing and reconnecting with Mother Nature. Dublin is filled with so many beautiful landscapes that you and your partner should definitely try exploring. You can bond over a glass of rosé, or simply relax on a blanket as you chat about life. One of the city’s favourites outdoor spots for a romantic picnic is none other than St. Anne’s Park. Your date can go in any direction with a trip to St. Anne’s, but with a basket of bread and cheese, you can set up the ultimate lunch date sure to impress your significant other.

2. Order in & watch some Netflix

If it’s one of those rainy (all-too-common) nights better spent in the comfort of your home, you can have yourselves a good old cosy date night in your hotel room with dinner and a movie. There isn’t a better way to get to know your partner than with a homey, comfy setting perfect for cuddling in front of the TV. Food delivery services like will let you order the perfect meal from almost any restaurant in town, including pan-Asian delights like bibimbap, or even hand-deliver a bottle of wine if you run out. You two won’t ever have to leave the room!

3. Go to a fancy restaurant

Of course, there’s this classic date idea of investing in a good meal at an expensive restaurant of your choosing. It may be a cliché for some, but exploring some of the city’s best restaurants is perfect if your date happens to be a foodie. If you’re into fine dining, Pearl Brasserie and I Monelli & Millstone Restaurant offer private tables for a romantic setting. There are also loads of restaurants located in unique locations, like Bay Restaurant and their seaside view is guaranteed to impress. You definitely won’t have a hard time finding astonishing high-end restaurants in Dublin.

4. Take a boat out on the waters

One of the most relaxing scenes in Ireland is right in the middle of the surrounding Irish waters. In this day and age, rental culture is an exponentially expanding market, and there’s almost nothing you can’t have anymore. You can rent anything from simple wooden boats to large yachts, depending on your budget, and take a trip out into the blue. There are even many affordable cruises available that’ll give you the soothing adventure you’ve been looking for if you fancy a floating dinner for two.

5. Rainforest mini-golf

Sometimes the weather literally dampens your plans, but don’t worry! You can have just as much fun with indoor activities hidden all over the city. Rainforest Adventure Golf isn’t the typical miniature golf course. Its Mayan and Aztec rainforest theme fills every room, all of which are colourfully lit for your enjoyment. It’s also got a mini-café and a mini-arcade so you can release your inner kid for a few good laughs. Check out their special date night Mondays that offer up a free pizza to every couple who play on their scenic golf courses. How perfect is that?

There’s no shortage of amazing spots for a romantic date in Dublin, so get to planning and figure out what you’re going to do on your next visit!


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