Bird goes viral by perfectly mimicking human baby cry; listen!

Some birds have the ability to vocalize what they hear, whether ambient noises or even human speech. And one bird in particular, who lives in a zoo in Australia, managed to imitate the cry of a baby in a way that is very faithful to reality.

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The animal in question is a seven-year-old lyre-bird, native to Australia, called Echo. The bird began learning to imitate babies about a year ago, according to Leanne Golebiowski, one of the zoo’s supervisors. She believes the skill was developed by listening to visitors’ babies, perfecting the “cry” over the past year, even though the place has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic.

Listen to the imitation Perfect Echo:

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— Taronga Zoo (@tarongazoo) August ,

Scientists say that the lyre bird has a syrinx, an organ responsible for the production and emission of sounds of songbirds, which makes other species envious, even if simpler. The organ is considered relatively primitive for having only three pairs of muscles, instead of four, but it is extremely powerful.

In addition to imitating the cry of a baby, lyre birds have also succeeded. imitate drill and fire alarm sounds, including “evacuate now” speech. The species is already known for being able to imitate anthropogenic sounds, that is, sounds derived from human activities, as shown in the video below, of the lyre bird Chook imitating construction sounds:


Source: Science Alert

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