Gardaí probe Ennis grenade threat claim

GARDAÍ are probing an apparent threat to use a grenade to attack a halting site in Ennis.
The disturbing claim – described as hugely concerning – was made known to gardaí in Ennis via a phone call made in Galway.
The caller claimed that a form of firearm – believed to be a grenade – would be thrown into a halting site in the Ennis area last Tuesday night.
No such attack was made but gardaí are investigating the circumstances of the call and whether or not the threat was genuine.
Armed garda units were on patrol in Ennis last week in wake of the threat.
Speaking last week, Inspector John Ryan told The Clare People gardaí received information of an alleged attack on a halting site in Ennis.
He said the call came to the attention of gardaí in Ennis via a third party in Galway.
“We don’t know at the moment if it was a hoax or if it was genuine”, he said.
Insp Ryan said the development is a “huge concern” for gardaí.
Insp Ryan added, “It is hugely concerning for us, particularly anytime a firearm is brought into the equation.”
It is understood the grenade claim is linked to an ongoing feud alleged to involve members of three Traveller families.
A total of 10 people have appeared before the courts in Clare this year on charges arising from alleged feud related incidents.
The feud has its roots in an alleged attack in prison earlier this year on an 18-year-old man.
The teenager was allegedly attacked by two brothers from another family.
The families were then involved in a number of tit for tat incidents, some of which are subject to charges before the courts.
The situation escalated in the summer with the release from prison of one of the men alleged to have been involved in the attack on the teenager.
The families have also exchanged taunts and threats over social media with many of the incidents filmed at locations around Ennis.
There have also been alleged violent outbursts on the grounds of Ennis Courthouse.


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