HURLING: Ronan Keane to succeed

THERE has been one constant in the Sixmilebridge dressing room and sideline over the last number of years and that has been Ronan Keane.

Win, lose or draw, Ronan has been with the side, be it training or matches, in his tracksuit and boots, offering water, new hurleys, but most all encouragement. There are few that have had the access or experience of the big day like Ronan and he enjoys it;

“I love being with them. They’re great lads. I love the Bridge. I’ll be there at the county final on Sunday i can’t wait for it,” he told us at the Bridge press night.

Ronan knows his hurling too. When asked about the merits of Clooney Quin he was quick to compliment Sunday’s opponents;

“They’re a good team. Clooney Quin are good. Sunday will be tough. We’ll have to play well, and so will that fella,” he says laughing, while pointing to his hero Niall Gilligan, who has sat in on the interview;

“Sure you couldn’t imagine a Bridge team taking the field on the big day without Ronan,” says Niall.

“You as well!” says Ronan back to him.

Two Bridge stalwarts who have a big part to play this Sunday.


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