‘Fairy beer’ brewed up in Lisdoonvarna

A North Clare brewer has whipped up a batch of 'fairy beer' brewed using wild yeast collected from the legendary military stronghold of the Tuath Dé Danann in North Clare.
Peter Curtin of the Burren Brewhouse in Lisdoonvarna undertook the painstaking task of collecting wild yeast earlier this year and has created an original 'fairy beer' which was unveiled in Lisdoonvarna last weekend.
The Burren Brewhouse in Lisdoonvarna has also just been recognised as one of the world's best local breweries by the Lonely Planet.
"I captured some wild yeast a little while ago up in a place called Cnoc an Teenan, or the fairy hill, up by Ballinalacken [outside of Lisdoonvarna]. This was the military stronghold of the Tuath Dé Danann," said Peter.
"I collected the yeast up there, I brought it down, I propagated it, and as I speak, it is the fermentors and soon we will have a wild yeast beer. I took some of the wursts, which I use in brewing, and went up with sterilised equipment and pour the wursts into a tray and the yeast collects on that.
"I was lucky, I got the five nice days and nights a few weeks back to collect the yeast. I propagated the yeast in the fermentors until I had enough to make a brew. This is a one of a kind brew. People don't brew in this way in Ireland anymore.
"It is always a one of a kind - it depends what yeasts falls down from the air into the wurst. It's like buying a lotto ticket."
The Burren brewhouse was one of three Irish breweries recognised by Lonely Planet last week.
"Craft brewing is so big in America now and when they come to visit Ireland they search out local breweries. This will be an added excitement to them to come to Lisdoonvarna and taste the local brew," continued Peter.
"This recognition will hopefully bring a lot of extra people to North Clare. But sure the more the merrier. We don't mind getting up in the middle of the night to satisfy these customers in the summer. The winter is long enough."


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