Lottloland freeze Euromillions tickets at €2

Lottoland freeze Euromillions tickets at €2

EuroMillions players will know the cost of each ticket has risen from €2.00 to €2.50, a significant 25% increase on the cost of each entry.

However, fans of Europe’s most popular lottery can still take part for the old price of €2!

By playing through Lottoland, customers can enjoy the full benefits of the new jackpot format, including SuperDraws and bigger prize money, without having to fork out an extra 50p for each line they play.

Lottoland CEO Nigel Birrell told the press: “Since day one it’s been our mission to provide more choice and better value for our customers; freezing our EuroMillions prices at €2 is a perfect way of extending customer choice and providing more value.”

Want to save yourself 50c on every EuroMillions ticket? Head over to Lottoland‘s EuroMillions page to start playing.

Since the news of Lottoland’s price freeze broke, they have seen a staggering 536% increase in EuroMillions sales. These players join the 3 million others who already bet and win with Lottoland.

Aside from offering the full EuroMillions jackpot experience, Lottoland also provides players with a wide range of exclusives to enhance their experience.

With a Double Jackpot feature available on all of Lottoland‘s most popular lotteries, players can double their potential winnings with the click of a button.

There are also numerous Special Jackpots each year. This is where Lottoland ‘top up’ the jackpot of one of their most popular draws with millions of extra euros, meaning players can win more with Lottoland than anywhere else.

That’s not all, Lottoland offers over twenty international lotteries, from the super-sized American draws PowerBall and MegaMillions, to Spain’s famous El Gordo jackpot, which is the biggest lottery in the world with an annual prize of £1.6 billion.

Many people wonder just how Lottoland can provide such an extraordinary service, which is far beyond that of traditional lottery providers.

The answer is simple, instead of reselling tickets – a legal grey area – Lottoland lets players bet on the outcome of various lotto draws in order. Players still enter in the same way they would any traditional lottery, by selecting their lucky numbers, but instead of winning a share of the prizes, they’re paid out directly by Lottoland themselves.

By betting in this way, the old country restrictions that have held Irish customers back from entering amazing lotteries like PowerBall or El Gordo are a thing of the past. Plus, because Lottoland are fully licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission, and backed up by a number of leading insurers, players can enjoy all the features of the site in peace, knowing their winnings will always be paid out.


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