THE Ennis Farmers Market will remain in Roslevan — despite attempts made by the County Council to bring the popular market back to its original home in Garranakilla where the new building now stands.
The Ennis Farmers Market was forced to make alternative arrangements over a year ago when plans to instal the new Market Building were announced. The co-op group moved to Roslevan and have since announced they will remain at their current location despite the attempts to return them to the state-of-the-art €1.75m building.
Andrea Casey, Chairwoman of Ennis Farmers Market, told The Clare People that concerns over parking facilities was one of the main reasons for their decision to stay outside the town centre.
She explained, “The main reason is we’re happy where we are, we hadn’t really planned on moving.
“The Council approached us to see if we were interested in moving in there and we had a few meetings with them but the biggest issue for us is the lack of parking in Ennis.
“We spoke to our customers each week to get an idea of how they’d feel about it if we moved and a lot of them wouldn’t have come with us, I would have lost a lot of business if I moved in and I have a good trade out in Roslevan so it didn’t really make sense.
“Our market is going really well, there’s nothing wrong with where we are, we’re very happy there so it didn’t make sense to leave it and go into a building.”
Ms Casey, who runs a gluten-free baking company, did however reveal that some of the Farmers Market traders are hoping to trade in the new building on Saturdays.
“I was interested on possibly a Saturday in the new building, and a few of us were.
“So far we’ve been told that they’re full I think, so we’re on a waiting list. But it certainly would be worth trying.”
Ms Casey also praised Liddys, the owners of the supermarket in Roslevan outside which the Farmers Market now trades, saying that their good relationship has helped with their success since moving there.
She added that as part of the Ennis Food Festival there will be some goodies being given away at this Friday’s market at 10am, with a nutritionist coming to give a free talk.


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