The Clare People Investigates – Ennis Acute Psychiatric Unit

Teresa Bulfin, Senior Operations Officer for Mental Health at MidWest Community Healthcare, speaks to Clare People journalist Andrew Hamilton. Photography by Natasha Barton

THIS week The Clare People takes an unprecedented look inside Clare’s hospital for people with serious mental health difficulties – the Acute Psychiatric Unit in Ennis.
Following a nine month Special Investigation a number of serious incidents, including allegations of assaults and the use of illegal drugs and alcohol within the unit, have been uncovered.
This 12 page special supplement speaks with a number of current and former service users, their families and the HSE administrators who manage the facility on a day to day basis.
In this Special Investigation we uncover stories of pain and heartbreak but also of kindness, redemption and hope.
The way that mental health in Ireland is managed has changed dramatically since ‘A Vision for Change’ was introduced more than a decade ago.
The Special Investigation also looks at the great strides which have been made by health care professionals in Clare over the past ten years and looks forward to what could be achieved in the years ahead.

Click here to read the full investigation. 


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