This is the sound of healing

Vickie Dodd, who is one of the leading practitioners in the art of sound healing is coming to Clare the weekend after next thanks to a workshop being organised in the Kilkishen Cultural Centre by Tulla man Pat McInerney who experienced her pioneering work at first hand on a couple of occasions in America. Joe Ó Muircheartaigh reports.

FOR Tulla man Pat McInerney there was a wow-factor. It was in high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado back in 2012 when he attended a sound healing conference. He was there for ten days, but it was a small workshop with Vickie Dodd, the director of the Sacred SoundWorks initiative, that the power of it all was brought home to him.
“I just really took to what she was doing,” recalls McInerney three years on.
“With a small group of people she did a healing session, something I’d never seen before. It’s quite like a massage set-up — you lie on a bench and three of us did it together and she spent 20 minutes with each of us. You lie down and she used voice to scan your body and picks up different stuff — emotional or physical ailments she can work on,” he adds.
“It was really powerful,” continues McInerney, “first of all to have it done and then to watch it. The sounds she was making — it was nothing like I had ever heard before. There were overtones from the angelic realm. Some of it was raw and rough and went up and down and you really felt she was after doing something. Your body felt as if something was after happening,” he adds.
The result was that McInerney linked up with Ms Dodd again a year later in Seattle for a weeklong workshop which explored how sound can be used to heal — something that comes to Kilkishen the weekend after next. Ms Dodd is an internationally known pioneer in the field of ‘Sound as a Bodywork’. She is an Aston-Patterning teacher, author, poet, nutritionist, herbalist, workshop leader and musician. She started using sound as a healing modality in her work with her clients over 45 years ago. The essence of her work is a multi-dimensional approach to using sound as an evolutionary tool, emphasising maturation of the emotional body. Dodd has the rare ability to “sense” the subtle rhythm, vibrations, and tones that all matter produces. She uses her remarkable gift of “sounding” to match the unique soundprint of a person. She has designed a system, which integrates emotional memories within the physical body and facilitates the release of long held emotional distress.
“The human body is a symphony of rhythm, pulse, flow, and tone,” she says. “The vibratory nature of sound and voice has many healing applications. Using our voice with conscious intention will be our medium for direct communication with our body. Our body readily responds to our voice, and I believe our bodies love the sound of our own voice. The sound of our voice touches us where hands and words cannot reach. We will explore therapeutic aspects of sound, especially the sound of one’s own voice.
“We will have the opportunity to experience how sound can change and create form. We will access sound as a teacher, and use our voices for our own energetic and self-care healing work. Sound has been my teacher, inspiration, mentor, path of discovery and awakening my entire life. I would love to share with you some of the experiences gained from this relationship,” she adds.
“This is the first time she is coming to Ireland,” reveals McInerney, “and at present with have ten people signed up for the two-day work that will also feature a concert on Saturday night where Vickie will perform, working on a person in the concert,” he adds.

The Vickie Dodd Workshop takes place in the Kilkishen Cultural Centre on November 7 and November 8. Further information is available from [email protected] or 087-2026514


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