VIDEO: #culturenight: Seeing the ‘Wood from the Trees’

‘The house at Coole has gone now; razed to the ground,” said WB Yeats in 1929. ‘They came like swallows and like swallows went,’ he added.
‘Wood from the Trees’ is an installation, which is based exclusively around the landscape in Coole Park. Housed inside a series of glass cabinets and old Victorian plate cameras, are video narratives which depict the woodlands in Coole. The woodland appear as though they are suspended and contained within these display cases. The scene is evocative and haunting providing a snapshot that is both familiar and strange to all who have visited the site in Coole.
Looking at the videos it appears as though a negative image of the woods has developed and metamorphosed, over time in to something other, something different. This work has evolved over several years filming and recording on site. Despite miles of footage and ideas the work eventually began to write it self, it gently emerged in its own time while I was busy with other work, not too dissimilar to the automatic writings that Yeats was so fond of.
These installations can be seen once it gets dark, in the shop front window of Honan’s Antiques in 14 Abbey Street, Ennis, on Friday and Saturday the 18th and 19th of September.
Click on the link below for a preview video.


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