VIDEO: Clare climbers take hurling to a whole new level

Hurling on a glacier - Chamonix

Two Clare students took some time out from a four week climbing trip in the French Alps recently to have a puck around and keep their hurling skills up to scratch.

Tim Quinlan (23) and Conor McNelis (20), who are both part of the University of Limerick Outdoor Pursuits Club, told The Clare People, “Since we were going to already be missing four weeks of hurling training, we couldn’t afford to lose our touch. So after packing our climbing gear and ice axes, it was only right that we bring our hurleys and a few sliotars along as well. “Taking out the hurleys for a quick puck around to kill time after climbs or to warm up before a pumpy overhanging ice ascent or even to keep warm as we waited for the cable car to arrive seemed a good plan.

We applaud their dedication to the cause.



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