Council get last word on Kilfenora pot hole

The infamous pot hole post filling

The holes in the road have been the talk of the town in Kilfenora this week as a members of the local community and an official from Clare County Council have engaged in an impromptu conversation on the road, literally.
A pothole on the road from Kilfenora to the Catheir Mhic Neachtain stone fort was marked with spray paint by a member of the public in recent week, who wrote the words ‘fill me’ around the offending hole as a gentle nudge to the local authority.
Not to be outdone, when Clare County Council did repair the road, a member of the repair team took the opportunity to reply to the message from the member of public, and spray painted ‘done’ on the road beside the pothole.
According to Orla Vaughan of Kilfenora Hostel and Vaughan’s Pub, this spray paint banter over the pothole has created a lot of interest in the locality.
“We’ve had a lot of people coming in with pictures of the pothole and showing it to some of the locals who haven’t seen it yet. It’s causing a bit of a stir in Kilfenora. It just shows you, we know how to get things done here in Kilfenora,” she said.
The spray paint conversation can still be viewed on the back road for Kilfenora to Ballyvaughan, through Nougheval.
A spokesperson from Clare County Council explained the spray paint incident as an example of good customer service.
“Customer service is always our priority but unfortunately in this instance the original complainant did not leave any contact details so we replied in similar fashion to their original complaint,” said a council spokesperson.


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