The sky’s the limit on Kilkee coast

A flying woman was spotted off the coast of Kilkee this week.
Using a hydro-powered jet pack, this lone figure rose over 50ft in the air, hovering over a stream of water.
Gemma Weston, a New Zealand native, was the person flying high, standing on a platform propelled into the air using two high-powered jet nozzles.
Speaking to The Clare People, Ms Weston said she was delighted to visit Clare.
“I had visited the Cliffs of Moher last year, but this was my first time really staying in Clare for a bit. I really loved it here. We took a walk down the cliffs in Kilkee and it was beautiful. The ruggedness of the coast is awesome,” said Ms Weston.
Currently filming in Wicklow for hit TV-series, Vikings, Ms Weston came to Clare to pursue her current hobby, Flyboarding.
Flyboarding, falling under the category of Hydroflying, is the newest extreme water sport. Having been invented in 2011, it involves standing on a platform which is connected to a jet ski by a hose. The jet ski propels water through the hose and out of two jet nozzles on the bottom of the platform. This propels the platform and the rider skyward, upwards of 35ft.
Ken O’Connell, who hosted Ms Weston last week, said that she was a talented hydroflyer.
“Gemma sent me a message online after googling Flyboarding in Ireland asking could she come down sometime to practice as she was going to China for a display show. She was absolutely amazing on it. She was just so good to watch and once comfortable with the boots and setup she was doing some brilliant stunts including back flips and flying at about 50ft in the air,” said Mr O’Connell.
Mr O’Connell believes that hydroflying in Ireland is gaining popularity and will soon become a very common watersport. He said, “There is always a great reaction from everybody that sees it. Kids love it, we can take them up a small height by letting them stand on the board while we control it”.
Ms Weston has currently returned to Wicklow where she will continue filming for the Vikings. However, Mr O’Connell will continue to fly high above the shores of Kilkee.


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