New Glór director will ‘reach out’ to artists

Glór Ennis
The newly appointed director of Glór says that building connections with local artists will be a central part of the development of the venue over the next 12 months.
Liz Kelly, who has just taken over as interim director of the county’s biggest arts venue, says that it is important for Glór to “reach out” to both audiences and artists in the county.
Liz, who will be familiar to many for her work with the Ennis Book Club Festival, has taken over from Gemma Carcaterra, who is on maternity leave.
“Glór is a great place with a great staff and is a place that I hugely admire. I worked with Glór last year with the Ennis Book Club Festival and that was a great experience – everyone was so enthusiastic and helpful,” she told The Clare People on Monday, August 24.
“Glór really is the centre for arts in the county and we are very proud of it. I think it is important that Glór reaches out. It plays a central role as a community service and a space in which people get to experience all kind of art activity and art form. Between our funders, Clare County Council and the Arts Council and our many supporters, so much is possible.
“There are elements that I would like to develop. First and foremost I would like to really connect with communities here and the people of the town and county. I want to really encourage the sense that Glór is a really welcoming place for one and all.
“Accessibility is a big interest of mine. To promote accessibility for everybody across all sorts of art forms is very important for me.
“I’d like to be able to explore a number of ideas around initiating projects from the inside out on Glór, maybe through some workshops around the gallery programmes and connecting more closely with the artistic community here and exploring the future for Glór.
“Maybe starting to think about where it is, what it is and where it is going as a cultural resource for the town and county,” said Liz.


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