Parnell street ‘needs a lift’ with rooftop cover says new Ennis mayor

A roof over Parnell Street and a facelift for O’Connell Square are among the main issues the new mayor of Ennis would like to see progress on over the next 12 months.
Fianna Fáil councillor Pat Daly was declared Mayor of Ennis after his nomination for the position went unopposed at the annual general meeting of the Ennis Municipal District last week.
Fine Gael’s Mary Howard was named the town’s deputy mayor.
Cllr Daly, a native of Parnell Street, said it was a huge honour to become mayor of his hometown.
The new mayor has said he would like to see some movement on projects such as the redevelopment of O’Connell Square and the long proposed roof for Parnell Street – the town’s only fully pedestrianised street.
He said, “The development of O’Connell Square is a great idea and and the Garraunakilla market is going to be good. But what I would love to see down the road is Parnell Street covered. I think it would be a great tourist attraction. Its quiet down there at the moment.
“I’m a native of Parnell Street and I think it might be something in the years to come. It won’t happen in my time but it will in the years to come. It needs something, it needs a lift.
“They have the restaurants and the pubs there. I’d love to see seating out on the street and make it like a more European town.”
Cllr Daly has also invited Clare’s Oireachtas members to meet with local councillors to discuss ways of unlocking the jobs potential of the Ballymaley business park on the Gort Road.
He said, “I’ll be pushing the Ballymaley business park. The location is adjacent to the motorway and I’d call on the Oireachtas members to meet the municipal district here to sit down with us and try and get some employment, whether it’s factory, to Ballymaley. Its an ideal location.
“It’s a long time since we got any type of employment into town. We’re lucky to have the likes of Roche and Organic Lens and Microsemi but down the road we’ll need more.”
Cllr Daly was first elected to Clare County Council in 1999 and served as the county’s mayor between 2012 and 2013.
He replaces Cllr Johnny Flynn as Ennis Mayor – the Fine Gael man having been the first person to hold the office under the new structure of local government that came into being last year.


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