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ORGANISERS of a proposed three day music festival in Ennis, to be called Inis Fest, pulled the plug on the event after it emerged their attempts to secure a liquor license would be vigorously opposed in the courts.
In the face of mounting opposition from local residents, Impresario Events, the company behind Inis Fest, announced late on Friday night that the festival planned for Tim Smythe Park from June 26 to June 28 was cancelled.
Discussions about taking the festival outside Ennis also took place but organisers ruled out a venue switch due to time constraints.
The decision came three days after a heated public meeting in Ennis where local residents voiced strong concerns over the impact the festival would have on the area and the amount of policing for the event.
At the meeting local resident, Clare Champion MD and former President of Ennis Chamber of Commerce John Galvin asked; “So what am I going to do if someone starts tearing into my car? The normal amount of guards will not do,” he said.
His wife Shelly Galvin asked what would happen when gardaí go on their break.
Darren Purtill of Impresario Events told The Clare People the threat of a courtroom battle was the final straw for the festival, which was expected to attract crowds of almost 10,000 to Ennis. “I don’t think the residents really wanted to accept that anything we did would be enough for them,” Mr Purtill said.
Clare County Council expressed its disappointment at the news.
“As statutory agencies, Clare County Council, An Garda Síochána, Clare County Fire and Rescue Service and Clare Civil Defence had extensive engagement with the organisers including detailed and in-depth discussions on the Event Management Plan.
“The Council is satisfied that the organisers had the capability and capacity to professionally stage and manage Inis Fest 2015,” their statement read.

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  1. “So what am I going to do if someone starts tearing into my car?”. Has this guy been watching Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome or something? The majority of the people will be 30 plus and will probably have to get home to the baby sitter. Nathan Carter fans are more likely to be tearing into a pack of werther’s original than a Ford Mondeo. I had zero interest in going but it’s a real shame that this is the kind of nonsense that has stopped it going ahead.


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