Movement in Blakes Corner impasse

Blake's Corner, Ennistymon

One of the families, who property was to be acquired using CPO by Clare County Council to construct a new bridge in Ennistymon, will now be allowed to keep their home.
Clare County Council have just released a statement confirming that “some progress” in resolving the Blakes Corner standoff has been made.
Two, three-hour meetings have been held between local residents and council officials over the past two weeks, during which detailed discussions took place in relation to the environmental, conservation and traffic requirements that require to be met for any proposal.
Clare County Council’s consultants have also outlined the range of options explored to date to address the serious safety issues at Blakes Corner and have presented the variants of different options to the Committee.
“Following discussion and assessment of the options, one of the parties previously affected by land acquisition has been removed from the proposal as an alternative has been identified,” said a council spokesperson.
“The Council will continue to engage with any parties that may be affected by the recommended route option which will be finalised after appropriate assessment and strategic environmental assessments have been undertaken on the finalised proposal. As the project involves a national road the consent of the NRA is required to progress any option to the next stage of assessment.
“The Council’s objective is to address the serious traffic and pedestrian safety issues that exist at Blake’s Corner which have been a source of concern to the Ennistymon and wider community for a long number of years.”


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