Ennistymon votes to demolish and rebuild Blake’s Corner

THE vast majority of the people of Ennistymon support knocking the controversial buildings at Blake’s Corner in Ennistymon instead of the construction of a new bridge which would see three local families lose their homes to Compulsory Purchase Orders.
Just under 1,000 people took part in a Clare People survey on the Blake’s Corner impasse – with the majority, just under 60 per cent, of people who took part in favour of both Linanne’s and Blake’s being knocked to make way for a new traffic management system in the town. People were asked to choose between the two options shortlisted by Clare County Council for the future traffic management of the town: knocking Blake’s Corner to make room for a roundabout; constructing a new bridge or a third option of doing nothing and retaning the status quo.
Just over 25 per cent of those who responded to the survey favoured the construction of a new bridge while 15.7 per cent favoured doing nothing.
In total 953 people took part in the survey which ran from Thursday, January 22, to yesterday afternoon, January 26. Of these people, 564 favoured knocking the buildings on Blake’s Corner, 239 were in favour of constructing the new bridge and 150 were in favour of doing nothing.


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