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Blake's Corner, Ennistymon

Clare County Council this week unveiled plans to construct a new bridge to resolve the ongoing traffic difficulties at Blake’s Corner in Ennistymon. The construction of this bridge will see the destruction of a number of family homes and at least one business, but the historic, listed buildings on Blake’s Corner will be left untouched. Up until now, the council had planned to demolish Blake’s and Linnane’s, and rebuild their facades a number of metres away from the planned new junction. It has been suggested this week that this plan would not have been granted final planning permission by an mBord Pleanalla.

The results of this poll will be in next Tuesday’s Clare People

Poll is now closed. Thank you for voting. Check out Tuesday’s Clare People for results.


  1. The proposal for the new bridge involves demolishing my irish rellies house. I am from Australia and have visited Judith and Peter O ‘ Donoghue in their lovely cottage. The council has taken the cheap way out instead of the honourable one involving protection of a frail and elderly couple.
    They also see the tourist dollar for the cliffs of Moher, as being more important than preseving the quaintness of this village. The engineer Tom Tieran of Clare co council said it was UNFORTUNATE that the preffered option involves private properties. I wonder if he would think it UNFORTUNATE if it they were his elderly relatives. Thank for letting me rant! I am so upset that the council is being so shortsighted.
    Collen Jones

  2. Why don’t they bypass the town altogether? If Blake’s Corner is to remain are they going to clean it up and put it to good use? The place must be full of rats.


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