Not so silent night for Anthony

Anthony Pigott stands at the front wall of his garden which was destroyed by an out of control car on Christmas night.

AN Ennis man got the fright of his life on Christmas night when an airborne car slammed through the front wall of his home. Anthony Pigott was home in bed at Connolly Villas when he heard a sound like a “bomb” around midnight on December 25, 2014.
He looked out his window to see stone blocks scattered around the garden and a Volvo car stuck in the remains of the house’s front gate.
“I turned off the television here. There was nothing on so I said I’d go away to bed. I was just nodding off when I heard this unbelievable bang, it was like a bomb inside in my house,” Mr Pigott told The Clare People.
He continued, “I sat up in the bed and I saw the lights going around the room and I thought ‘what the hell is going on?’ I got out of bed and I looked out the window. I saw a garda squad car to the left of me on the road below. I said ‘what are they doing there?’ And then I looked to my right and there was the car stuck in my gate and my wall all over the place. He pushed the piers of the gate nearly up against my front door.”
The dramatic collision occurred shortly before midnight at Mr Pigott’s home, which directly faces the junction of St Michael’s Villas and Clonroad.
The 67 year-old had just returned from visiting his daughter and son in law when the crash occurred minutes later.
A car driven by man approached Clonroad from the Toberteascáin direction.
It is understood the car was travelling at great speed when it arrived at the junction, which slopes upwards onto Clonroad.
The incident remains under Garda investigation but it appears the car became airborne as it travelled across Clonroad and ploughed straight through Mr Pigott’s wall, landing a few short yards from the front door.
Gardaí were quickly on the scene and the 26-year-old driver was arrested on suspicion of drink driving. The man, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle, was subsequently released without charge but an investigation into the matter is ongoing.
“I was a bit shocked. I got an awful fright. It frightened the life out of me,” Mr Pigott said yesterday.
“I was very lucky. I had just got in the door before he came along. I’m just glad there was no one on the footpath when it happened. He would have caused untold damage.”
A trail of debris is still visible outside Mr Pigott’s home. Heavy stone blocks from the 3 and 1/2 foot wall and pieces from the car including a window wiper and front grill lie around the garden.
Mr Pigott, a former caretaker at Ennis National School admits he struggled to sleep after the incident.
He is now seeking to have a steel railing, already in place at a nearby pedestrian crossing, extended to cover the front of his home.
“It’s a pity it doesn’t extend down further because it might have stopped it some bit. Cars are flying up and down that road all day. I’ve seen a few crashes in my day,” he said.


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